Super-Hydrophobic Coating

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Super-hydrophobic coatings are used to create super hydrophobic surfaces. When water or a water based substance comes into contact with these coated surfaces, the water or substance will "run off" of the surface because of the hydrophobic characteristics of the coating. Neverwet is a superhydrophobic coating made from a proprietary silicon based material that can be used to coat everything from shoes to personal electronics to aircraft.  

The coating creates surface contact angles of 160-175 degrees; greater than the 150 degrees necessary to deem a substance superhydrophobic.  Liquids, oil, bacteria and even ice slide right off the coated surface in almost a surreal fashion.  In a demonstration, the makers of Never-Wet submerged a fully functioning smartphone in water for a half hour only to come out completely dry.  In another demonstration, an item submerged for over a year in seawater was retrieved completely dry and corrosion free.

Supehydrophobic coatings are used to create materials that are anti-wetting, anti-icing, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial and self-cleaning. Coatings like these have the potential to increase economic spending, decrease pollutants and bacterial growth, as well as increase longevity and durability of machines that are susceptible to corrosion and water damage.


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A super hydrophobic surface is created when the contact angle of water on a surface of a material, as measured from the center of the droplet, is between 150 and 180 degrees. The water is not attracted to the hydrophobic coating, causing the liquid to "run off" the surface.



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Superhydrophobic coatings increase the longevity and durability of machines due to its anti-corrosive abilities. Additionally, these coatings can potentially increase sanitation in hospitals, bathrooms, and other places where bacteria thrives. Products and machines coated with superhydrophobic coatings have a decreased cost of maintenance/replacement on parts/items that become damaged due to water, ice or corrosion.

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Never Wet is silicon based, which means it has the potential to turn into silica, which can cause silicosis, lung cancer, bronchitis, tuberculosis and other health problems. Silicon can also be a pollutant.

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