Nanocoated Hydrophobic Steel--Aculon

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Aculon’s steel treatment technology reduces the need to clean metal surfaces that are vulnerable to water, oil and surface contamination.  Using ‘self-assembling monolayer of Phosphonates’(SAMP) technology the surface of metals can be coated.  In buildings that require ultra clean piping surfaces the Aculon product prevents the build up of oils or water on the surface of the stainless steel.  The coating can be applied during the installation phase of construction.  The organosilane compound is applied to the surface of the stainless steel.  The surface coating can be applied using wipe on, ink-jet printing, felt-tip markers, or through dip coating in tanks.  The volatile organic compound reacts with the steel via vaporization, leaving a bonded surface coating that is water and oil repellent.  The application is used in both piping and coupling jointscreating the added benefit of reduced cleaning and maintenance of the stainless steel piping.

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Once coated with Aculon, the surface of the stainless steel is more resistant degradation from water and oil. Thus, the cleaning and maintenance of the stainless steel is reduced.



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This product can potentially reduce the risks of erosion and failure of steel piping in applications that are used to transport potentially toxic or harmful materials. Additionally, this technology can reduce health risks in food processing plants and in water delivery applications.


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The risks associated with this technology are uncertain due to the proprietary nature of the coating.

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