Nanotechnology Application Articles

Title Development Stagesort descending Mechanism Product Name Material Challenge Area
Carbon Nanotube Artificial Muscles Scientific Passive Nanostructure Carbon nanotube artificial muscles Carbon
Using PEG-PLGA-PLL nanoparticles to mimic platelets Scientific Passive Nanostructure Synthetic Biological Material Health
Biomechanical Connectivity Through the Use of Nanoscale Transistors Scientific Systems of Nanosystems Health, Healthcare Costs, Social Cohesion, Biodiversity and Natural Open Spaces
Direct Desalination of Seawater with Nanofluidic PDMS Chips Scientific Active Nanostructure Polymer Waste Water Remediation
Self-Assembled Nanostructures and Nanomachines from 3D DNA Bricks Analogous to LEGOS Scientific Molecular Nanosystems DNA Health
Engineered Nanowire 3D Cardiac Patches for Repairing Damaged Heart Tissue Scientific Passive Nanostructure Gold, Polymer Health
H2 Batteries with Magnesium Nanocrystal-Polymer Composites Scientific Passive Nanostructure Magnesium, Hydrogen Energy Efficiency
Using Nanotechnology to Induce Rain—Cloud Seeding Scientific Passive Nanostructure Biodiversity and Natural Open Spaces, Water Resources
Bio-Molecular Nano-Devices for Chemical and Biological Threat Detection Informed Speculation Passive Nanostructure MOLDICE Carbon, Silicon Social Cohesion
Magnetic Nanoparticles to Detect Cancer Blue Sky Active Nanostructure
Quantum, Directionally Dependent Magnetic Sensing Based on Avian Magnetoreceptors Blue Sky Molecular Nanosystems DARPA QuBE
Nanoshell-mediated photothermal destruction of carcinoma cells Off-Market Active Nanostructure Gold covered Silicon nanospheres Gold, Silicon Health
Bionic Nose to Detect Trace Amounts of Molecules Off-Market Passive Nanostructure
e-Dura: Flexible Neuroprosthetic to Remedy Paralysis Off-Market Active Nanostructure e-Dura Neuroprosthetic Silicon, Gold, Platinum, Oxygen Health
Wearable Sensor for Long-Term EKG and EMG Monitoring Off-Market Passive Nanostructure Silver Health
Porous Silica Nanoparticles for Pesticide Delivery Off-Market Passive Nanostructure Silica
Fully-Implantable Cochlear Device Enabled by Piezoelectric Sensor Off-Market Active Nanostructure Lead
Solar “Nanoforest” Creates Artificial Photosynthesis Off-Market Active Nanostructure Silicon Energy Efficiency