Nanotechnology Application Articles

Title Development Stagesort descending Mechanism Product Name Material Challenge Area
Magnetic Bacteria in Biocomputing Devices Scientific Systems of Nanosystems Gold, Iron, Bacteria Biodiversity and Natural Open Spaces
Photocatalysis of Air Contaminants with Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) Scientific Active Nanostructure Carbon, Oxygen, Titanium Air Pollution
Using Graphene to Decontaminate Radioactive Fluids Scientific Passive Nanostructure Carbon, Oxygen Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Biodiversity and Natural Open Spaces, Health
Liquid Metal Nanoparticles that locate and neutralize cancer cells Scientific Active Nanostructure EGaIn nanoparticles Gallium
Cyberplasm: Living Nano-robots Scientific Systems of Nanosystems Silicon, Carbon Health
Nanoscale Transistors for Detection of DNA-DNA Kinetics and Biomolecular Interactions Scientific Active Nanostructure Carbon, DNA Health
Biomechanical Connectivity Through the Use of Nanoscale Transistors Scientific Systems of Nanosystems Health, Healthcare Costs, Social Cohesion, Biodiversity and Natural Open Spaces
Carbon Nanotube Artificial Muscles Scientific Passive Nanostructure Carbon nanotube artificial muscles Carbon
Using PEG-PLGA-PLL nanoparticles to mimic platelets Scientific Passive Nanostructure Synthetic Biological Material Health
Engineered Nanowire 3D Cardiac Patches for Repairing Damaged Heart Tissue Scientific Passive Nanostructure Gold, Polymer Health
Direct Desalination of Seawater with Nanofluidic PDMS Chips Scientific Active Nanostructure Polymer Waste Water Remediation
Self-Assembled Nanostructures and Nanomachines from 3D DNA Bricks Analogous to LEGOS Scientific Molecular Nanosystems DNA Health
H2 Batteries with Magnesium Nanocrystal-Polymer Composites Scientific Passive Nanostructure Magnesium, Hydrogen Energy Efficiency
Using Nanotechnology to Induce Rain—Cloud Seeding Scientific Passive Nanostructure Biodiversity and Natural Open Spaces, Water Resources
Nanoparticles in Camouflage Scientific Passive Nanostructure Gold
Nanoencapsulation of Omega Fatty Acids in Processed Food Products Scientific Passive Nanostructure Health
Artificial skin regeneration via cell imprinting Scientific Passive Nanostructure Silicon Health
Mesostructured Metal Oxide Nanocomposite Filter Medium for Air Purification Scientific Active Nanostructure Gold, Manganese, Oxygen Air Pollution
DNA Nano-Vaccines in Cultured Shrimp Scientific Molecular Nanosystems DNA Food Deserts, Biodiversity and Natural Open Spaces
Artificial Photosynthesis as a Means of Hydrogen Production Scientific Active Nanostructure Oxygen, Titanium Greenhouse Gas Emissions