Nanotechnology Application Articles

Title Development Stage Mechanism Product Name Material Challenge Area
Biodegradeable Nanopolymer Bone and Tissue Scaffolds Commercial Molecular Nanosystems Polymer Health
Nanostructured Aluminum Foam Sandwich Panels Available, but not Ubiquitous Passive Nanostructure Cellular Aluminum [Metcomb Nanostructures] Aluminum, Copper, Oxygen, Silver, Titanium Resource Consumption
Self-repairing Concrete: Resealing cracks via bioactive agents Scientific Active Nanostructure Bacteria
Self-compacting concrete (SCC) Engineering Passive Nanostructure Cuore Concrete Silica
Engineered Nanowire 3D Cardiac Patches for Repairing Damaged Heart Tissue Scientific Passive Nanostructure Gold, Polymer Health
Implantable Insulin Nano-Pump for Treatment of Type I Diabetes Engineering Molecular Nanosystems Silicon Healthcare Costs, Health
Metal Nanoshells for Biosensing Applications Commercial Passive Nanostructure Metal Nanoshells Gold, Silicon Health
Gold Nanoparticle Sensor Lung Cancer Test Engineering Active Nanostructure Gold Healthcare Costs
Doc-in-a-Box: Platform for Pre-Symptomatic Diagnosis of Illness and Disease Commercial Active Nanostructure Doc-in-a-Box Polymer Healthcare Costs
Flexible Industrial Insulation for Cryogenic Applications--Cryogel Z Available, but not Ubiquitous Passive Nanostructure Cryogel-Z [Aspen Aerogels] Silica, Oxygen Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Efficiency
Nanosilver Biocidal Coating--Topasol Commercial Passive Nanostructure Topasol Antimicrobial Biocidal Coating Silver, Silicon Health
Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Paint--LOMOX Available, but not Ubiquitous Passive Nanostructure LOMOX Energy Efficiency
Nanocoated Hydrophobic Steel--Aculon Commercial Passive Nanostructure Aculon Proprietary
Nanostructured Zinc Oxide Varistors to Protect Against Overvoltage Engineering Passive Nanostructure Zinc, Oxygen Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Efficiency
Mesostructured Metal Oxide Nanocomposite Filter Medium for Air Purification Scientific Active Nanostructure Gold, Manganese, Oxygen Air Pollution
Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) in Lithium-ion Battery Anodes Commercial Active Nanostructure Licensed to an undisclosed company in 2010 Carbon, Oxygen Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Harvesting Waste Heat with Solid-State Thermoelectric Devices—Power Chip Commercial Active Nanostructure Power Chip Gold, Oxygen, Silicon, Titanium Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Removal and Control of Mercury Vapor in Coal Power Plants with Metallic Nanoparticles Commercial Passive Nanostructure Technology Licensed to E2RT llc Carbon, Iron, Oxygen, Palladium Air Pollution
Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles in Sunscreen Ubiquitous Passive Nanostructure Zinc, Titanium, Oxygen Water Resources, Healthcare Costs
Biscrolled CNT Yarns in Flywheel Grid Storage Devices Engineering Passive Nanostructure Carbon, Aluminum, Iron, Oxygen Greenhouse Gas Emissions