Nanotechnology Application Articles

Titlesort descending Development Stage Mechanism Product Name Material Challenge Area
Nanoparticle-mediated Photothermal Therapy Scientific Active Nanostructure Gold
Nanoparticles in Camouflage Scientific Passive Nanostructure Gold
Nanoparticles in Catalytic Converters Ubiquitous Passive Nanostructure Palladium, Platinum Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Nanoparticles in Thermoelectric Power Plant Cooling Fluids Engineering Passive Nanostructure Proprietary Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Water Resources
Nanopolymer Scaffolding for Cartilage Regrowth Scientific Molecular Nanosystems Polymer
Nanorod Electrodes in Salinity Gradient Power Production Engineering Active Nanostructure Manganese, Sodium, Oxygen Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Waste Water Remediation
Nanoscale Transistors for Detection of DNA-DNA Kinetics and Biomolecular Interactions Scientific Active Nanostructure Carbon, DNA Health
Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron (nZVI) Particles in Contaminated Groundwater Treatment Available, but not Ubiquitous Active Nanostructure PolyMetallix nZVI Iron Waste Water Remediation, Health, Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Nanoshell-mediated photothermal destruction of carcinoma cells Off-Market Active Nanostructure Gold covered Silicon nanospheres Gold, Silicon Health
Nanosilver Biocidal Coating--Topasol Commercial Passive Nanostructure Topasol Antimicrobial Biocidal Coating Silver, Silicon Health
Nanostructured Aluminum Foam Sandwich Panels Available, but not Ubiquitous Passive Nanostructure Cellular Aluminum [Metcomb Nanostructures] Aluminum, Copper, Oxygen, Silver, Titanium Resource Consumption
Nanostructured Membranes in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) Engineering Active Nanostructure Zirconium, Yttrium, Oxygen, Platinum Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Nanostructured Zinc Oxide Varistors to Protect Against Overvoltage Engineering Passive Nanostructure Zinc, Oxygen Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Efficiency
Nanotechnology in Anti-Aging Cosmetic Creams Ubiquitous Passive Nanostructure RevitaLift Double Lifting [L'Oreal], Renergie Microlift [Lancome] Silica, Proprietary
Nanotechnology in Glucose Testing Strips Available, but not Ubiquitous Passive Nanostructure
Nanotechnology in Textiles—Wrinkle Resistant, Stain Resistant, and Antimicrobial Clothing Ubiquitous Passive Nanostructure Openair® [Plasmatreat], Nano-Tex Oxygen, Titanium, Silver, Silicon Biodiversity and Natural Open Spaces
Novel Nanotexture Coating Enhances Biostability of Artificial Hearts in Humans Available, but not Ubiquitous Passive Nanostructure SynCardia Total Artificial Heart Proprietary Health
Organic LED Lighting—Nonacene Scientific Active Nanostructure Nonacene OLED [Innovacene] Carbon, Hydrogen Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Paint--LOMOX Available, but not Ubiquitous Passive Nanostructure LOMOX Energy Efficiency
Palladium Alloy Nanosensors in Power Transformers Ubiquitous Passive Nanostructure Palladium Alloy Nano-Particles Based Sensor [Applied nanotech Inc.] Palladium