Nanotechnology Application Articles

Title Development Stage Mechanismsort descending Product Name Material Challenge Area
Quantum Dot Enhancement Film for Improved LCD Displays Commercial Active Nanostructure QDEF [Nanosys Inc.] [3M] Proprietary
Organic LED Lighting—Nonacene Scientific Active Nanostructure Nonacene OLED [Innovacene] Carbon, Hydrogen Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Double Wall Silicon Nanotubes in Lithium Ion Battery Anodes Engineering Active Nanostructure Technology Licensed to Amprius Inc Silicon Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Gold Nanoparticle Sensor Lung Cancer Test Engineering Active Nanostructure Gold Healthcare Costs
Carbon Nanotubes in Neuro-nanotechnology Scientific Active Nanostructure Carbon
Industrial Catalysis—Zeolite L Ubiquitous Active Nanostructure Silicon, Aluminum Energy Efficiency
Single Molecule Nanopore DNA Sequencer Commercial Active Nanostructure Licensed to Roche DNA, Carbon Health
Guanine Nanocrystals in Chameleons Scientific Active Nanostructure Energy Efficiency
Photocatalysis of Air Contaminants with Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) Scientific Active Nanostructure Carbon, Oxygen, Titanium Air Pollution
Metal Modified CNT Sensors for Monitoring Landfill Gas Engineering Active Nanostructure Platinum, Carbon, Chromium, Ruthenium, Iron Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Carbon Nanotube Infused Ink in Radiofrequency Identification Tags Available, but not Ubiquitous Active Nanostructure Carbon, Polymer
Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Transistors and Diodes in Solar Inverters Engineering Active Nanostructure IBM Carbon Nanotube Transistor Carbon Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Harvesting Waste Heat with Solid-State Thermoelectric Devices—Power Chip Commercial Active Nanostructure Power Chip Gold, Oxygen, Silicon, Titanium Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Liquid Metal Nanoparticles that locate and neutralize cancer cells Scientific Active Nanostructure EGaIn nanoparticles Gallium
Graphene Nanoconductors for Infrared Photodetection Engineering Active Nanostructure Carbon
Fully-Implantable Cochlear Device Enabled by Piezoelectric Sensor Off-Market Active Nanostructure Lead
Detecting Methylmercury in Water and Fish with Gold Nanoparticle Sensors Engineering Active Nanostructure Gold Biodiversity and Natural Open Spaces, Health
Silicon Nanophotonics Commercial Active Nanostructure Silicon Nanophotonic Chips Germanium, Silicon
Nanoscale Transistors for Detection of DNA-DNA Kinetics and Biomolecular Interactions Scientific Active Nanostructure Carbon, DNA Health
Using Mesoporous Carbon Electrodes for Capacitive Deionization (CDI) of Salt and Brackish Water Engineering Active Nanostructure Carbon, Polymer Water Resources