Nanotechnology Application Articles

Title Development Stage Mechanismsort descending Product Name Material Challenge Area
Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) in Lithium-ion Battery Anodes Commercial Active Nanostructure Licensed to an undisclosed company in 2010 Carbon, Oxygen Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Direct Desalination of Seawater with Nanofluidic PDMS Chips Scientific Active Nanostructure Polymer Waste Water Remediation
Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET) Ubiquitous Active Nanostructure MOSFET Carbon, Gallium, Iron, Silicon
Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron (nZVI) Particles in Contaminated Groundwater Treatment Available, but not Ubiquitous Active Nanostructure PolyMetallix nZVI Iron Waste Water Remediation, Health, Greenhouse Gas Emissions
High-Performance Solar Thermoelectric Flat-Panel Generators Engineering Active Nanostructure Bismuth, Tellurium Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Nanoshell-mediated photothermal destruction of carcinoma cells Off-Market Active Nanostructure Gold covered Silicon nanospheres Gold, Silicon Health
Mesostructured Metal Oxide Nanocomposite Filter Medium for Air Purification Scientific Active Nanostructure Gold, Manganese, Oxygen Air Pollution
Magnetic Nanoparticles to Detect Cancer Blue Sky Active Nanostructure
Artificial Photosynthesis as a Means of Hydrogen Production Scientific Active Nanostructure Oxygen, Titanium Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Doc-in-a-Box: Platform for Pre-Symptomatic Diagnosis of Illness and Disease Commercial Active Nanostructure Doc-in-a-Box Polymer Healthcare Costs
Multifunctional “Smart” Fabrics to Protect Against Contaminated Environments Engineering Active Nanostructure Carbon
Vapor Detection Via Tin Oxide Solid State Semiconductors Ubiquitous Active Nanostructure Tin, Oxygen Air Pollution
Electrochromic Nano-Film Smart Coatings in Window Glass Available, but not Ubiquitous Active Nanostructure Sage Glass [Sage Electrochromics] Indium, Tin, Oxygen Greenhouse Gas Emissions
e-Dura: Flexible Neuroprosthetic to Remedy Paralysis Off-Market Active Nanostructure e-Dura Neuroprosthetic Silicon, Gold, Platinum, Oxygen Health
Nanoparticle-mediated Photothermal Therapy Scientific Active Nanostructure Gold
Nanoenergetics in Explosives and Propellants Commercial Active Nanostructure Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Molybdenum, Oxygen Biodiversity and Natural Open Spaces
Nano Hydrogel for Surface Removal of Radioactive Contamination Engineering Active Nanostructure Argonne Super Gel (AGS) Proprietary Nuclear Waste
Self-repairing Concrete: Resealing cracks via bioactive agents Scientific Active Nanostructure Bacteria
Energy Storage Using Metal-Air Ionic Liquid Batteries Engineering Active Nanostructure Metal-Air Ionic Liquid Batteries [Fluidic Energy] Platinum, Proprietary Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Quantum Dot Enhancement Film for Improved LCD Displays Commercial Active Nanostructure QDEF [Nanosys Inc.] [3M] Proprietary