Nanotechnology in City Environments Database

The NICE database is a collaborative expert-reviewed meta-base of academic research, public reports, advertising materials, technical specifications, and theorized implementations of nanotechnology captured in an urban context. The database is being compiled by researchers and graduate students at the Center for Nanotechnology in Society (CNS), Arizona State University. It is being reviewed by experts from around the world. The NICE database catalogues nanotechnological applications with particular attention being paid to functionality, nanotechnological mechanisms, potential benefits, potential hazards, urban domain, development stage, and substitution properties. As a resource to CNS as well as interested scholars, professionals, and the general public, there are different levels of NICE users ranging from expert industry and academic experts to policy makers and the general public.

The NICE database is a project of the CNS Thematic Research Cluster 2 (TRC 2) group.  For more information on TRC 2 research activities please the other projects at: