Website Features

Simple Search

NICE has a fully search-able system of all index-able field-types.

Comprehensive Search

This adds comprehensive filterable searching by any of the major field types to the Simple Search.

Nano-Entry View

Nano-Entries will have quick access to tag definitions, summaries, and citations.

Content Manager

The Content Manager allows reviewers and researchers to quickly find Nano-Entries, Biblio Entries, or Research Archives whether unpublished or published and apply advanced bulk operations.

Latest Updates

Quick links to see the latest updated or added entries.


The terminology menu allows for drilling down each vocabulary to find either term definitions or individual entries linked to those terms.


Registered users will be able to comment on published articles to flag inaccuracies, but not edit entries. This allows leveraging the many-eyes aspect of open source projects with the reliability of properly vetted researchers and reviewers for the articles.


Biblio entries will contain all citation information as a separate entry as many NICE entries will contain the same citation sources. Biblio entries allow for the importing of Zotero, Bibtex, or using Crossref DOI look-ups that automatically fill out the citation information.

Biblio entries can be sorted by Author, Keywords (imported from Zotero), or Title.

All Biblio entries allow for downloading the citation information in various citation manager formats (Endnote, BibTex).

Research Archive

Archives will be either the original paper/document/graphic uploaded into an Research Archive entry or the compressed folder containing the Zotero Snapshot of the original website. Newer revisions of snapshots and documents may be uploaded in addition to the original research.

Research Archive entries will also be referenced to their Biblio entry.