Sustainability Challenges

Details what challenges this product or application can assist in addressing. The following list of categories is based on an ongoing literature review of urban sustainability challenges, with particular attention paid to the City of Phoenix (CNS’ place-based sustainability research approach). The listed challenges do not individually constitute a sustainability challenge. They are closely linked through dominant patterns of consumption, production, and distribution, as well as underlying norms, values, and habits. Mutual reinforcement of these challenges jeopardizes the viability and integrity of urban systems and therefore poses a sustainability challenge. The catalog of challenges is still in the process of being vetted through expert interviews and workshops.

• Affordable Housing

• Air Pollution

• Biodiversity and Natural Open Spaces

• Educational Opportunities

• Food Deserts

• Greenhouse Gas Emissions

• Healthcare Coverage

• Job Commute

• Noise Pollution

• Obesity

• Social Cohesion

• Urban Heat Island Effect

Water Resources

• ...