Openness & User Roles

NICE DB will be open to the public for browsing and research purposes with OpenID as the preferred user registration method in addition to private account registration. Having open access, and vetted registered user review of nanotechnological applications, NICE DB will leverage the advantages of Open Source's "many-eyes" editing process, while maintaining a reputation of academic accuracy.

Anonymous Users or Public Users will be able to search and view all published articles, bibliographic information, and taxonomy definitions, but will not have access to unpublished works or research archives. These restrictions are only in place for copyright and publication integrity purposes.

Registered Users, vetted by CNS, will be able to view and create comments on nanotechnological applications left by researchers and expert reviewers. This access will be limited to published articles only.

Researchers will be able to create, edit, delete, and comment on any database entry. Comments will be to facilitate in-context communication about summaries, nanotechnological mechanisms, and other meta-data on the database entries.

Expert Reviewers will be able to create, edit, delete, comment on, and publish any database entry. Expert reviewers will have the final say on whether or not a database entry is ready for public access, depending on their opinion on the accuracy of the database entries.