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29CFR Ch XVII ss. 1910.1030 (Submitted) (United States) Available at:
Assefa S, al et (Submitted) in IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting: Post Deadline Session 33.8, IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting: Post Deadline Session 33.8. Available at:
Aculon Innovative Method for Applying Hydrophobic Films Via Pen Applicator Receives Patent (Submitted) Available at:
Air Pollution (Submitted) Available at:
Roush W (Submitted) Aluminum Foam: This new technique for producing aluminum foam with uniform cells could make thinner impact-absorbing products. Available at:
American Elements: Titanium Nitride Nanoparticles Supplier & Tech Info (Submitted) Available at:
Williams M (Submitted) Another tiny miracle: Graphene oxide soaks up radioactive waste. Available at:
Luther W (Submitted) Applications of Nanotechnology in the Energy sector. Available at:
Luther W (Submitted) Applications of Nanotechnology in the Energy Sector. Available at:
Paul M (Submitted) Breakthrough Nanoparticle Halts Multiple Sclerosis: New nanotechnology can be used for Type 1 diabetes, food allergies and asthma. Available at:
Carbon Black (Submitted) Available at:
Shaw J (Submitted) Charles Lieber's nanoscale transistors can enter cells without harming them. Harvard Magazine. Available at:
Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD)—An Introduction (Submitted) Available at:
Wiwanitkit V, Sereemaspun A, Rojanathasnes R (Submitted) Effect of gold nanoparticle on the microscopic morphology of white blood cell. . Cytopathology 20:2.
Energy Innovation Portal: ‘Supergel’ System Cleans Radioactively Contaminated Structures. (Submitted) Available at:
Hogben HJ, Biskup T, Hore PJ (Submitted) Entanglement and Sources of Magnetic Anisotropy in Radical Pair-Based Avian Magnetoreceptors. Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory. Available at:
EPA Grants First Approval for Nanopesticide—Nanosilver from Swiss Company (Submitted) Available at:
Fang S et al. (Submitted) Fabrication of Biscrolled Fiber Using Carbon Nanotube Sheets. [U.S. Patent Application # 20120100203]. . Available at:
Graphene Could Pose Health Risk to Workers (Submitted) Available at:
Engineer T (Submitted) Graphene Oxide ‘Removes Radionuclides from Water’. Available at:
Guilt on Their Hands: Tiny tags could help solve and deter gun crimes (Submitted) Available at:
Anthony S (Submitted) Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram. Available at:
Vella M (Submitted) High Style goes High Tech. Available at:
Home Owners Can Now Use Nanotechnology to Improve Indoor Air Quality (Submitted) Press Release Writing. Available at:
Andrew S (Submitted) IBM creates 9nm Carbon Nanotube Transistor that Outperforms Silicon. Available at: http:// nanotube-transistor-outperforms-silicon.